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Posted: Wednesday, October 13 2010

I added ten new stock texture images today of brick and cement in various states of decay. I also had a little time to update the Brushes page so that you now have the ability to sort brush sets based on:

  • Latest
  • Name
  • Most Commented
  • Most Viewed
  • That should help out as I add more and more brushes! I will try to do the same soon with patterns and texture packs, although there aren't near as many of those right now.

Posted: Thursday, September 23 2010

Texturemate is now at 2100 textures, which is great for only being around a couple months. I have started to add patterns as well for Adobe Photoshop and Gimp that I hope you enjoy!

Posted: Sunday, September 12 2010

I had a chance to upload some new textures today! In total, a little over 225 of various categories have been added. There are quite a few rock textures and wood textures. There are some good metal and rust ones as well. I uploaded a couple grass and flower shots as well.

Posted: Tuesday, September 07 2010

I took a few close-up photographs of some nasty rusty, flaked metal surfaces and they came out pretty good. Some of the textures with blue paint came out really good. In total, I uploaded about 75 texture stock images today!

Posted: Monday, August 30 2010

I uploaded about 120 new texture stock photographs today. They include some metal and rust with some nice grungy scratches. There are some good fabric and wall ones too.

Posted: Thursday, August 26 2010

I uploaded 75 texture images today of various categories. There are some good wood ones, some decent metal ones. A couple good rock and sand ones in there too! Oh yeah, and a couple nice wall textures.

Posted: Wednesday, August 25 2010

The site is now back up short of some textures I had uploaded yesterday. I will re-upload those later today. According to my host, something pretty malicious in nature took the site down last night and corrupted some files. That should now be fixed. I have also re-added the lasted cracked cement brush set for Photoshop or Gimp.

Posted: Sunday, August 22 2010

You can now submit your artwork to texturemate's new flick public group pool to display it on the site! Feel free to add any art pieces that use brushes or textures from texturemate.

Posted: Thursday, August 19 2010

35 fabric and paper textures have been added today. I didn't realize how popular those categories of textures are, so I will keep adding more. I also enabled 5 star voting on all texture images, brushes, and texture packs to help track what is good and what isn't!

Posted: Wednesday, August 18 2010

I uploaded 10 grunge textures I created in Photoshop from combining different source photographs, adjusting colors, and adding effects here and there. They all ended up redish for this group. They are located in either the Digital or Grunge folders.

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