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Posted: Friday, December 17 2010

Wow, texturemate already has over 1,000 Facebook Fans and 100 site users! I happened to notice this when uploading a new brush set today. Very cool! At this point, site users can submit links to their own websites or resources, submit their own guest resources, or ask design questions that I will try to answer. Thanks to everyone for the support!

Posted: Tuesday, December 07 2010

With today's latest texture additions, texturemate now has over 2600 free textures! I've also been uploading a lot of my brush and pattern sets from my collection and will continue to do so.

Posted: Sunday, November 21 2010

I have a new scanner so I was able to create some new fabric and crumpled paper textures. I also uploaded some various outdoor textures that have been categorized in metal, grunge, wood, dirt, and leaves. Enjoy! Now that Winter is coming, there will be many more scanned textures of fabrics and papers coming.

Posted: Saturday, November 20 2010

I added a form submission page in your user profile so that you can request any sort of brushes, patterns, textures, or tutorials that you may want. I also updated the user profile page to display any of your comments.

Posted: Thursday, November 11 2010

I uploaded thirty five more textures that I photographed today. I happened to come across a 55 gallon drum of dripping paint and captured some grungy drippy textures! There's some other metal and flaking painted plastic surfaces as well. Hope you like them! Last night I uploaded a new wood brush set as well.

Posted: Friday, November 05 2010

I uploaded twenty new textures today. They are mostly crumbling brick wall textures and there are a few cobblestone and tile ones in there as well. There is also one grungy painted cement wall. Enjoy!

Posted: Wednesday, October 20 2010

I had a little time to upload 80 new textures today! They are a decent mix of mostly weathered and distressed wood and brick. There's some cobblestone, granite, and fall leaves textures as well! A couple rusty metal ones too.

Posted: Tuesday, October 19 2010

Texturemate now has a blog view if you prefer just seeing the latest graphic design resources and tutorials in the order they are posted! I created this page due to some reader feedback where people wanted to see what the newest resource was, regardless of what it is! The blog view will update whenever a brush set, pattern set, texture pack, or article is posted. Let me know how you like it!

To see the blog view, point your browser to:

Posted: Sunday, October 17 2010

Thirty new texture stock images are up today! They are a mixture of brick, cement, wood, and metal. There are some pretty nasty, cracked, grungy ones. I also uploaded another graphic resource - a pattern set of 30 seamless small pixel patterns! Hope you find them useful! You might notice comments and things are starting to have user avatars; I'm working on getting the site ready for registered users!

Posted: Friday, October 15 2010

I had a chance to upload 60 new textures today of various categories. There are some pretty good grungy, cracked cement textures as well as some fall leave textures that might be good for a fall project. I also managed to get a decent amount of good looking wood textures and a couple of clouds. I also uploaded a brush set of stars that I created as well! Hope you like them!

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