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Posted: Wednesday, July 20 2011

Texturemate has 5 or 6 different Photoshop brush sets as well as some patterns referenced in the Japanese book, Photoshop Design Tools Premium Edition: Brushes and Patterns. This book contains tons of various free Photoshop design resources. It is available via at:


Posted: Tuesday, May 24 2011

The addition of Swirl Brushes 5 brings texturemate to its 70th Free Brush Set! Not too bad, hope you enjoy!

Posted: Monday, April 04 2011

I just visited the site to respond to some forum topics and noticed texturemate has 300 users! Not bad for a 'free design resource' community, now let's shoot for 1000!

Posted: Saturday, March 12 2011

With the addition of Grunge Brushes 6, texturemate now has 60 free brush sets available! Not too bad considering texturemate isn't even 9 months old yet! I hope you enjoy all of the brushes and as soon as Michigan does not have so much snow, I will be outside shooting more textures to upload!

Posted: Sunday, February 20 2011

Well I've been too busy lately to upload any new brush sets but I did get some time to upload 56 new free texture images today! They are all outdoor textures of various cement, brick, cobblestone surfaces, etc. There are a few of leaves as well. Hope you like the new stock textures!

Posted: Sunday, January 30 2011

Well, even though it is very cold here, the sun was out today so I decided to spend a little time with the camera. I ended up with just about 25 new textures that are now up on the site. Some grungy metal and fabrics that should be useful for you! Hope you enjoy the textures!

Posted: Thursday, January 27 2011

Well, after a little downtime, texturemate is on a new dedicated server! The site's traffic has significantly increased lately and the host said it has to be upgraded immediately. I hope you notice that the site should be much faster! The upgraded hosting is a bit pricier but I think the ads on the site can cover it. I want to do what I can to keep texturemate a repository for free textures, free brushes, free patterns, free.... anything design related!

Posted: Tuesday, January 18 2011

I had a chance to modify some more brick and grass textures so that they are seamless. This should help if you have any large backgrounds or modeling to do with them. I also realized I have enough seamless grass textures to turn them into a grass pattern set for Photoshop or Gimp, so be sure to check out my new Grass 1 Patterns! More free textures to come in the near future as well...

Posted: Tuesday, January 11 2011

Happy New Years! I hope 2011 brings everyone great design success! Texturemate now has over 50 free brush sets going into 2011... Since we are still covered in snow here, outdoor textures will be slow going for a little while and I will be focusing on free brush sets and free patterns while indoors. I'll try to upload the occasional texture pack as well and get some more seamless textures up.

Posted: Thursday, December 23 2010

It's in it's infancy and still has a lot of polishing to do, but texturemate now has Forums. I figured that since we already have over 100 texturemate members, we should probably have a place for discussions and questions. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

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