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Vector art in the form of SVG files has become more and more popular. Web browsers typically can render SVG files on their own now, which allows a lot of advantages to vector art. I've been learning more and more about vectors and have begun to collect free vector at a new repository site, Vectorstash. Due to bandwidth requirements, I decided to create a dedicated site to share vectors. Hope you enjoy!

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Every resource provided on texturemate is considered completely royalty free! The stock textures, texture packs, brush packs, and any other resources available for download on this site are completely free and may be used in commercial or non-commercial applications. Credit to texturemate for use of available textures or brushes is appreciated, but not required. These textures may be used in 3D modeling software packages where their appearance is altered, such as Blender, 3DS Max, Solidworks, CAD, or Second Life. They may also be used in scrapbooking applications. The only exception is that they cannot be redistributed commercially in their unedited form. These textures cannot be re-packaged and resold without significant modifications to their appearance. Brush packs may be used to create unique images in Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, but they cannot be redistributed without being significantly edited. Any resource on texturemate may be linked to when sharing information or resources to others.