Quick Hands on with a Modbook - An Awesome, but Pricey Tablet for Any Artist!

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Now that I've had a quick hands-on with a Modbook, all I can say is that I wish I had one! If you are unfamiliar with Axiotron's Modbook and are a fan of creating artwork with Macs and Wacom tablets or just into tablets in general, it's definitely worth looking into. You can either purchase Axiotron's service and send them your currently owned Macbook laptop to convert into a tablet, or purchase a brand new Macbook with its price rolled into their tablet integration service's price. The digitizer used is a Wacom Penabled with 512 levels of sensitivity which is great and smooth from the short time I was able to play with it. I definitely felt like the screen was more pressure responsive then the current tablet PC I use with a 256 level digitizer. I also did not have to press nearly as hard to create brush strokes, etc. Having a completely native version of Mac OS will let you run Adobe Photoshop or any other memory chewing app you may desire. In my opinion, this is what the iPad should be; full blown Mac OS with a high quality tablet integration. Of course they are two separate products with quite different capabilities, seperate target users, and a Modbook comes in quite a bit more expensive. We won't debate that, but this leads me to the reason I don't have one: the price... The price isn't outrageously absurd, but it's enough to make you think whether this is a product you really need in your graphic design arsenal.

Axiotron's Modbook

In your hand, the Modbook's body appears to be sturdy and sleek and the screen really feels like it is a high quality product. It does not feel too big or too small and I could easily hold on to it while drawing. This is a product that I am really having a hard time debating on whether or not to spend the money on. I don't quite think my four year old Fujisu Lifebook T4210 is at the end of its life for me yet. My Lifebook has seemingly been reborn after I installed Windows 7 on it and have no problems running Photoshop or Gimp. For those of you on a budget, the T4210 can be bought on Ebay for $200 - $400 these days. This is only a fraction of the cost of the Modbook, albeit it only has a fraction of the capability and sleekness.

Go check out Axiotron's Modbook!

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Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)
TornadoD's picture

Wow, that would be sweet.

Wow, that would be sweet. It's expensive as crap though...

SlayL's picture

One problem, it's a mac.

One problem, it's a mac.

John's picture

I have a Lifebook too! Love

I have a Lifebook too! Love it.

FeeBeeDee's picture

I have a Wacom tablet that I

I have a Wacom tablet that I use with a Windows 7 laptop and the one thing I'm thinking is that when I'm drawing, I'm looking "up" at a screen, whereas if I were to use the Axiotron, wouldn't I be looking "down" at the screen, thus causing a lot more neck aches?

Bill's picture

Yes, you are right, you'll be

Yes, you are right, you'll be looking down, but the thing I think is nice is that you are drawing directly onto where you hand is. I have better coordination drawing on my tablet PC then on my Wacom where I have to look up at the screen to see what my hand down below is drawing. They also make higher grade Wacom's (Intuos line I think) that has a little screen on the tablet that many people love.

efox's picture

This is only a fraction of

This is only a fraction of the cost of the Modbook, albeit it only has a fraction of the capability and sleekness.https://twitter.com/efoxshopfans

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