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The Forums keeps having me Enter Captcha's

Whenever I respond to a forum topic, I am having to enter in a Captcha by Mollom. I'm a registered member, so you have to know I am not a bot by now!

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I have noticed this when doing testing as a normal texturemate user. Mollom is an anti-spam filter service I use to make sure spam bots do not post or join this site and flood it with garbage and it actually makes the decision whether to present the user with a captcha or not. I will try to look into it more to see if I have any more settings or control over it.

Thanks for the heads up!

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I think it is a small price to pay for keeping junk off site, imvho...


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Very good point... I'd rather be more secure and keep the site from filling with spam then the opposite!

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Whenever I post it says User Warning and doesn't seem to work. :(

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