Over 215 Textures Added Today! Watercolors, Acrylics, Fabrics, Papers, Wood, Cement & More!

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A bunch of new high resolution free textures have been uploaded to the site today. They included watercolor and acrylic paints, fabrics, cement, symbols, wood, and more! Social media subscriptions, sharing, and bookmarks are also currently being added to texturemate's site.

15 Free Hi-Res Seamless Brick Textures Added, New Texture How-To's Added

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New category for seamless textures added with 15 original seamless brick wall textures added! 3 new texture tutorials have also been added.

115 New Textures Added, Prev and Next Buttons Added

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I had a chance to upload 115 new textures of many types. I also get Previous and Next links with thumbnails working to make navigating through textures quicker. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

210 New Free Textures Added!

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We have added 210 more free textures, bringing the total to over 500! The legal terms have been updated to help clarify that you are freely allowed to use these textures in 3D modeling software packages such as Blender.


Welcome to texturemate; my personal free texture repository for other graphic artists, web designers, or 3D modelers like myself. At texturemate, you will find my completely original free texture photographs, free texture packs, stock images, brush packs, or any other resource I manage to create and share for you. Here, you are allowed to obtain anything for free for commercial or non-commercial use! All stock texture photographs have been taken by myself and are available in resolutions of 10 Megapixels or higher.

texturemate FAQ

  • Can I download any texture, texture pack, or brush pack from this site for free?

    Yes, absolutely! All textures, texturepacks, and brush packs on this site are completely royalty-free. They can be used commercially without reference or credit to texturemate or myself.

  • How can they be free when other sites sell texture packages, paid subscriptions, or impose usage limits?

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Posted: Thursday, July 15 2010

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Legal Stuff

Every resource provided on texturemate is considered completely royalty free! The stock textures, texture packs, brush packs, and any other resources available for download on this site are completely free and may be used in commercial or non-commercial applications. Credit to texturemate for use of available textures or brushes is appreciated, but not required. These textures may be used in 3D modeling software packages where their appearance is altered, such as Blender, 3DS Max, Solidworks, CAD, or Second Life. They may also be used in scrapbooking applications. The only exception is that they cannot be redistributed commercially in their unedited form. These textures cannot be re-packaged and resold without significant modifications to their appearance. Brush packs may be used to create unique images in Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, but they cannot be redistributed without being significantly edited. Any resource on texturemate may be linked to when sharing information or resources to others.

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